Fidelma: Fabulous Style in Your 50’s

If you believe that turning 50 means you must follow “age-appropriate” rules then you’ve come to the wrong place. Our next style star embodies individuality and a sense of fun in fashion. Finding true enjoyment in putting an outfit together will make your heart sing and promote natural confidence that will do the heavy lifting no matter what you put together. We understand that many women have lost that joy in fashion but it doesn’t mean it’s a lost cause. Listen to your own cues to develop a personal style. Like something on someone else? Just try it! You may love biker jackets but not sure they’re for you. So, pair it with something you have long trusted, like your favourite pants and boots. Ease into looks and truly trust yourself, believe in your personal taste and don’t cave into so-called rules – especially age-related ones! Our guest style sister today is the perfect example of individuality. Fidelma has long been in the fashion game and we adore how she puts a look together, always with a cool edge. See her looks below and read Fidelma’s insights below and do follow her here on Instagram for more fab over 50 styles.

I’ve been involved in the fashion industry for over 20 years working with some of the UK and Irelands top highstreet retailers. I’ve held various positions throughout my career and am currently a Visual Merchandiser for New Look Retailers Ltd which totally indulges my passion for fashion. While I’m also an Interior Designer and have had my own home featured in the interiors magazine ‘Ur Dream Home’ as well as having completed many interior design projects throughout my beloved Co Mayo.
My fashion journey probably started at the age of 5 years old while playing dress up in my aunts very large and exciting Narnia look-alike wardrobe….
I’m hugely drawn to any fashion item that brings colour to my world. Loving colour, texture, shapes, pattern, the feel of the fabric, the fall of the fabric and the flow of the fabric- I’m not your typical 55 year old fashionista. My fashion journey has taken all kinds of twists and turns with some of these colourful and unique outfits taking me from one adventure to another.

This is my ‘Sunny Yellow’ look…..my vibrant sunny yellow t-shirt teamed with white boyfriend jeans, yellow trainers, white tote and silver accessories, inspired by all things sunny and bright. In Ireland, we live in grey coloured light so the combination of yellow and white automatically lifts the spirits, gives a sense of hope, happiness and fun. When you wear yellow you project optimism, cheerfulness, enthusiasm and confidence.

style in your 50's
‘Sunny Yellow Look’ @fashionwithfid

This next one is what I call ‘Just Me’. My plaid high-waisted trousers teamed with leopard print lips slogan T-shirt, red ankle boots, Teddy coat, Ted Baker handbag, western buckle belt and all accessorized with silver jewellery.
For me, fashion is all about expression, self-expression. There’s no right or wrong…..I’m a huge believer in wearing what you want not what others expect you to wear because of our age. Being over 55, as I am, doesn’t mean you have to wear a certain style, a certain length, a certain shape. Age has nothing to do with my individual and unique style. I simply wear what I like. This outfit really sums me up…it’s a mixture of everything, just like me, its got a splash of colour, crazy pattern, confidence, texture and it’s multi-layered. This outfit says I’m a strong, independent, confident woman and I’m not afraid to show it. Confidence is key.

style in your 50's
‘Just Me’ @fashionwithfid

This next one is ‘Khakied’. Animal print joggers, white vest top teamed with khaki 4 pocket jacket, converse, silver crossbody and all accessorized with silver jewellery. This look is very easy to wear and will suit all shapes and sizes. Joggers have an elasticated waist and khaki is always bang on trend. Most people would style with beige or cream tones but I prefer khaki teamed with white as it gives a crisp fresh vibe without making you look like you’re heading off on safari.

style in your 50's
‘Khakied’ @fashionwithfid

Now for my absolute favourite, Lilac Blazer teamed with Lilac Pleated Skirt, Off White Cami, Tan Belt, Tan Sliders and Tan Maxi Tote all accessorized with gold jewellery.
If I was born a colour it would be any shade of purple….currently, it’s a lilac passion. Lilac symbolizes first love and has had a very strong association with love and romance throughout history. It’s simply one of those colours that light up a room, easy to wear, easy to work with and easy to look at. It teams perfectly with any colour and is definitely the ‘it’ colour for 2020. For me, it’s a total winner. As Autumn and Winter start to roll in lilac will darken to a deeper shade of purple. A good blazer is an absolute must for every woman’s wardrobe and a lilac blazer breaks the mould. Most women automatically go for the traditional black blazer but think bright, think colour, it will lift the spirits and always looking fresh and trendy while matching literally everything you already have in your wardrobe.

style in your 50's
‘Lilac Blazer’ @fashionwithfid

Finally ‘The Neutrals’. Tailored sand suit teamed with the multi-purpose off-white cami, tan Belt, tan sliders, tan tote and all accessorized with gold jewellery. A guaranteed classic, this will bring u from season to season, always elegant and classy. You won’t go wrong with neutrals.

style in your 50's
‘The Neutrals’ @fashionwithfid

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  1. U are absolutely stunning, I am also on ur group, I followed u, I absolutely love love ur style, I am 57, and I also love to dress with style, I am low income, so I get things to look nice of of fb marketplace, , I absolutely love love ❤️ ur style, absolutely beautiful ❤️

    • That is the same Facebook group where I found Fidelma, also. Natural flair for fashion and just joyful styles. I love that you use FB marketplace – I do too! And the local second-hand stores. I often come out empty-handed so I know when I DO buy something it’s a winner. I’m glad you found our page, Sharon. I hope you enjoy our stories and feel free to share yours. Best, Rebecca.


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