Taryn Brumfitt’s Body Image Movement, Newcastle NSW

Taryn Brumfitt
Taryn Brumfitt [image source: The Body Image Movement]
Last night we had the pleasure of attending Taryn Brumfitt’s, Embrace Yourself tour. If you haven’t heard of this wonderfully influential woman, here is a bit of background about the host. Taryn became an internet sensation when she famously shared her before and after pictures online. What made her images so different was that the before shots show her muscular physique in a bodybuilding contest and the after-shots are of Taryn nude, softer and proudly so. The message in these pictures from Taryn was one of encouragement to embrace our bodies, no matter how soft or hard, and to release the demons that so often eat at us as women. Taryn’s powerful social media post went viral and so began her international message of love, self-acceptance and the Body Image Movement.

Taryn Brumfitt
Taryn’s social media post [image source: Body Image Movement]
Up for a challenge and inspired by the heartfelt reactions to her social media post, Taryn wrote a book and began a Kickstarter campaign to create a documentary around body image. A significant contributor to Taryn’s fundraising was Birdsnest founder, Jane Cay. Anyone who shops at Birdsnest will see how well Taryn’s message aligns with the Birdsnest business. Diversity in shape and ages is a refreshing point of difference and there is a celebratory element to Birdsnest- helping women to find what works for their body and to feel good in their skin as well as their clothes.

Taryn’s fundraising efforts were a runaway success and so was her documentary. She made worldwide headlines, media appearances across the globe and we believe her naturally very inspiring book should be part of the school syllabus.

Taryn Brumfitt
Taryn Brumfitt- intelligence, charm and warmth wrapped up in one self-loved and lovable package

The aim of the Embrace Yourself tour is to say thank you to her supporters and of course, encourage self-love. Taryn gives personal accounts of her journey to acceptance and helps her audience push out the negative messages women are faced with on a daily basis. What you may not expect at her show is to laugh hard, to get a goodie bag, and the opportunity to shop at the Birdsnest pop-up store. Birdnest have sent their stylists on the road and you can have a full style consultation or simply try before you buy if online shopping isn’t your thing.

Taryn Brumfitt
The Birdsnet pop-up store with the most stylish merch we’ve ever seen.

Taryn has a unique talent of bringing people in with humour, brutal honesty, love and be warned, some occasional swear words! An irresistible concoction for a girls night out, we were moved to meet so many mother/daughter duos in attendance who are flying the flag for a sisterhood who “straighten one another’s crowns”.

This is one very busy tour and there are still shows in Port Macquarie, Armidale and Toowoomba. If you’re feeling like you could do with a lift, grab a girlfriend and GO. We promise it will stay with you a lifetime.

Taryn Brumfitt
Prepare to relabel yourself and boogie!


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