Finally, Makeup Made for Mature Skin

Makeup for mature skin, Rageism
New cosmetics brand for mature skin, Ragiesm

Ever noticed how underrepresented and underserviced the over 50’s generation are (while simultaneously being one of the biggest buying forces of the country – hello!) and wondered why manufacturers aren’t listening to these voices more? Well, our next interviewee not only listened, but she also did something about it.

We chat with Rageism Beauty co-founder, Paula Nagel. Paula saw that almost all makeup on the market was targeted towards young women, leaving a small range suitable for more mature skin.  She decided it was time to rage against the ageism that is the beauty industry. It was time for the mature market to be counted and so decided to create a range just for them. Makeup to shake up the status quo.
Paula went about testing an endless amount of product on herself, made a multitude of rejections from her chemists, sought the input of “her most glamorous friends”, and gave the world her secret – Rageism to be precise.

Rageism is a makeup line that, from personal experience, is worth every penny. A foundation that lives up to the “all day” promise, a primer that gives glow but isn’t slick, and the power of subtle colour that Paula describes in our chat, are all claims we can attest to. Makeup is a personal thing, though, and you can only know if it’s for you when you try it – we simply suggest you do. Read on for the nitty-gritty on this new range designed with your skin in mind.

Makeup for mature skin, Rageism
Rageism co-creators, Paula Nagel and Kathrine Baulderstone.

What are the core products of the Rageism’s range?

There are three fundamental things we had to have right from the beginning:

  1. A brilliant primer
  2. Then, an amazing foundation that goes with that.
  3. And we have to have an equally brilliant concealer.

They all must be brilliant! We basically took products from the market that we thought were good and aimed to make them better.

What are women saying to you about their experience with the range?

They’re particularly loving the foundation for coverage. I had a woman in her 70s from Brisbane who always wore a particularly expensive brand of makeup. But she tried ours and contacted us to say she loved how it stayed on all day – even on a steaming hot day.
Another nice bit of feedback is from women who don’t typically wear much makeup. They can adapt to this well because the entire range is subtle – the eyeliner is so soft, you can smudge it so it doesn’t feel heavy.

Makeup for mature skin, Rageism
Makeup for mature skin, Rageism

How can we adapt to colour changes in our skin and hair?

It’s really important to make sure that our makeup is subtle. For example, a young woman can get away with an orange tint in their bronzer but I would repeatedly reject samples from our manufacturer and make the tint paler until it’s barely there, which sounds stupid, but it works.

The subtleties of colour are really important on the face as your colours change. And indeed with your lipstick. Lipstick is a personal thing, but I find that the older I get, I’m wearing a much paler lipstick than I used to wear because I don’t want it to clash with my eye makeup – it’s all about balance.

What else has changed within your own beauty routine over the years?

I’ve always used liquid foundation but only occasionally wore a primer… I now think primer’s an absolute number one essential. The Illuminating Primer is perfect for my age group because it gives you back your glow – what is already inside is translated to the outside!

One other thing I changed radically, is how I apply my foundation. Instead of painting it on with my fingers, I apply it with a brush in circular motions.  It’s the perfect way to make sure you get the right coverage and you can easily dab around the nose area.
However, something that I will never change is curling my eyelashes with a curler. I swear by it. We considered making one but couldn’t get better than the one on the market so we didn’t see the point because we won’t do second-rate products.

As consumers become more educated on potentially harmful ingredients, how does Rageism stack up?

We had to make sure that anything we were doing didn’t have any harmful components. For example, a lot of British makeup has talcum powder in it. And talcum powder is banned in the states as there are links to cancer.
We’re proud our products are not only Australian made but they’re mineral-based, so they’re really healthy and have anti-inflammatory components. And they’re not tested on animals except on me – I am the animal!

Makeup for mature skin, Rageism

Makeup for mature skin, Rageism

Did you trial many versions?

Tests went on for 18 months. And the chemists and manufacturers around me must’ve gotten so frustrated I’d reject samples because I’d think of my most glamorous friends, the ones who know and wear makeup and wonder “would they buy this?” And if my answer was no, then what’s the point of producing it? I rejected the primer and foundation more than anything – until we knew they were better than anything else on the market for our age group.

What can we learn from your blogs?

You can learn to have confidence that the makeup you’re wearing is right for your age. The real problem as we get into our 50s, 70s or even 90s, is that most of the makeup that’s being promoted is for young girls or young women. This is wonderful but it leaves older women confused about what to buy.  This is where (Rageism Beauty , Co-Founder) Kathrine Baulderstone and I saw there was an opportunity to develop makeup that was specifically created for older faces. Our goal is for our customers to love the skin they are in, and to wear their makeup, their way. Our blogs give you the tools to do this. Attitude and confidence are the key!

What has the journey to producing your own makeup line been like?

In the beginning, there was a lot of talking about doing it and then we were on the track before we realised, we were on a roll. Some days Kathrine and I would say, “Oh my god, what have we done?” Or there was frustration in thinking we would never get to launch. But nothing’s easy. There was a lot of hard slogging and a few sleepless nights but it’s been worth it. We just hope that people will get to know about it because we know we’ve got a really good product.

Find out more about this new beauty brand made with you in mind here, Rageism.

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  1. I Feel so valued as a mature woman when these amazing companies work so hard to lift our spirits and go to so much effort so we can truly feel comfortable and beautiful at any age Xx

    • That’s so great to hear, Dee because we should all feel valued at every stage of our lives. And frankly, I think it’s strange that companies don’t focus more on the mature market who are large in numbers, loyal and fantastic with personal referrals. I hope you get to try this Rageism makeup. Their products are as brilliant as their drive in my opinion.


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