Hemp-Based Beauty Brand, Cannabella

Anyone who has been through chemo knows what it can do to every part of your body, including the skin. Many patients express dismay at the lack of appropriate skincare during this challenging period which is how the seed was planted to launch Cannabella. Like many great things in life, Cannabella was born out of love, in this instance from the love of two boys for their mother.

Two brothers worked tirelessly to formulate organic alternatives to switch out their mother’s current skincare as she went through chemotherapy. These dedicated sons overhauled their mum’s diet and wanted something better for her skin. Matthew and Michael witnessed the benefits of the prescribed hemp oils and had their light bulb moment- what can this do externally for the skin?

After rigorous testing, they landed on the current range starring the nourishing Hemp Jelly that the skin will want to bathe in, their repairing Renewal Serum which stimulates regeneration and the blemish-busting Clarify Serum to fight pigmentation. Every last inch of the range is derived from botanicals that are responsibly sourced. It’s all-round goodness from the heart of two young men who wanted to help their mum in her time of need.

Hemp oils or products are no longer considered new-age thinking nor are they alternative medicines – this organic, hemp-based skincare is simply being touted as a supportive extra on the road to healthier living. And in case you’re wondering then no, there isn’t any “active” cannabis in the product. We think it’s great that modern medicine sees value in nature, prescribed cannabis oils are a widely-respected supplementary treatment, and we’re enthused by the experience of those who see them work hand in hand with traditional methods and lifestyle changes.

Have you, or a loved one, switched up your skincare while battling chemo?

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