Meet Tribella, The answer to 3 major skin concerns in one treatment.

For many of us, there comes a time when we decide to invest in our skin and upscale our non-invasive treatments. This doesn’t mean your only worthwhile option is injectables. Alternative technologies are advancing so fast that injectibles are no longer considered your only effective treatment- besides, modern-day women want freshness not stiffness. Like most of us, when we assess our skin we feel there is more than one concern and begin the search for non-surgical options available to address them. There is a vast amount of treatments on offer to help a range of common skin issues like pigmentation, texture or fine lines but they are all individual, and therefore costly procedures… until now. Enter, Tribella from Venus Concept. An exciting new all-in-one device that can treat all of these concerns in one session. The beauty industry is advancing at breakneck speed and this particular breakthrough is of great interest because, at the end of the day, it affects the most important factor – affordability. Let’s break down what’s involved and give you our personal experience.

What are the claims – Tribella is the first treatment to address three of the most common skin concerns with one device. With one device that has interchangeable heads, Tribella can improve skin tone, texture and elasticity in one treatment session.

How does it work – The anti-aging device head uses energy and heat to promote blood flow and increase the production of collagen. For skin tone and pigmentation, a form of light therapy called photorejuvenation penetrates pigment resulting in a more uniform colour across the surface of the face. Lastly, to smooth over things like acne scars or pores, a device with minuscule electrode pins runs around the face which stimulates collagen and elastin production to leave you fresh and smooth.

What is the treatment like – If you’ve had laser before you have a good idea about what most of the treatment is like but don’t be too concerned – it’s not quite as touchy as laser hair removal. For me, the photorejuvenation step felt uncomfortable but not unbearable. The skin resurfacing, although it sounds the worst with the mention of needles, was actually completely pain-free. It was more of an odd, rough feeling. Even better, it’s where I saw the best results!

Who can get it done – anyone! However, it is most popular with women in their 40’s and 50’s.

Before and after Tribella

Is there any downtime – No. You will feel a little flushed immediately after the treatment however your skin will appear perfectly normal the following day and exercise is not recommended that same day. Alas!

Does it work? In my experience, yes. The biggest difference I saw was the texture and tone of the skin – it is still very smooth and luminous to this day- almost 10 weeks post-treatment. Levels of the treatment can be adjusted and we’d suggest asking for a higher intensity photorejuvenation session if pigmentation is a big concern for you.

Where can I get it? I had my session with the magnificent and extremely knowledgable, Sofia at Amirova Cosmetic Clinic. If you’re searching for a clinic in your area you can request the information here.

We think these results speak for themselves!

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