a decade of Natural Australian Skincare: The Jojoba Company

This morning, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast while learning about the origins of The Jojoba Company and also taking a sneak peek of their new products on the horizon. Co-owner Vicki talked of the need for natural ingredients when she was pregnant with her first child nearly ten years ago and the serendipitous moment her father, then a wheat farmer, decided to try a crop of jojoba. The family began selling the good stuff about a decade ago and while nothing is an overnight success, they knew they were onto something special. Consumers clearly agreed and The Jojoba Company is now one of our countries most successful beauty brands. We all know that natural products can be just as effective as any on the market and the demand for a quality product is still growing. How lucky for us that it’s Aussie too!

Today was about celebrating the brands 10th anniversary and the unveiling of a range of products all housed in 100% recyclable packaging. The products have reshuffled to suit skin types and address main concerns like oily skin, age-defying, balancing, nourishing, pigmentation and there is also a beautiful babies range. There is also a product that had everyone listening, ‘the ultimate day cream’ that protects us from the nasty blue light which emits from our screens. A week spent on your screen is said to be almost as damaging as half an hour in the sun. Gulp.

While we were there we, of course, had to ask Vicki for a street style shot. I mean, this outfit is the perfect blend of smart and glamorous. Exactly what you’d expect the head of a beauty brand to be wearing. It was great to meet you Vicki and thank you kindly for allowing us to add a dose of fashion to our day of beauty xxx

Vicki is wearing: Witchery top // Zara pants // Jo Mercer shoes

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