Style Lessons from Kristin Scott Thomas

She is who we immediately picture when we think of French-chic style. We don’t mean the cliche neck scarves and stripe tees that many associated with French fashion, it’s refined elegance with a small dose of old-world bohemian charm that captures our hearts. And it’s Kristin Scott Thomas who is the embodiment of this Parisian aesthetic that we love. Here, we take heed of the patterns in her looks and draw inspiration from The English Patients -star style.

Tonal Layering – This is chic dressing 101 and a favourite of ours! By adding an outer layer that is a lighter or darker version of your base clothing, it instantly brings a look together for a refined finish. It’s not the most economic style rule to follow, you can’t buy a tonal jacket for every dress. So only stick to this tip when wearing one of your two favourite colours and slowly build an interchangeable wardrobe.

Red Carpet Grandeur – Interestingly, this is where we have seen the most colour from KST. The reason her louder colours work well in formal looks is that the cuts are typically simplistic. You can’t have a hot pink dress that is asymmetrical and with feather trims. It’s all too much. Whereas the same dress may work in black or cream. This English Patient star knows it’s all about balance.

Less is More – These types of demure necklines look beautiful with a short hair ‘do and classic stud earrings, it’s the epitome of elegance and gives you permission to have fun with textures like lace or add in wools and tweeds in winter. While it’s hard to wear a blouse that high with a large bust, the same applies with elegant styling if the neckline was just a little lower to suit your frame.

Relaxed Fits – The undisputed coolness that is delivered when you get the right cut is unsurpassable. Once you find the right relaxed fit for you it’s hard to ever wear anything remotely constrictive again. These loose styles are often when you will see Kristin Scott Thomas in neutral tones, further promoting her loungewear vibe and making us scream for more, please!

Look, Pockets! Every girl loves a pocket and this tres chic celebrity is no exception! Kristin seems to love them so much we wonder if it’s a tactic for red carpets to help maintain that chilled cool vibe she has. Regardless if you’re strutting your stuff or out at the local once you become accustomed to pockets they’re sorely missed when you don’t have them.

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