Amanda Keller: Ways To Wear Velvet

Well, isn’t this seafoam jacket a pretty tone! And doesn’t it look divine in this lush velvet? We love how it’s a fresh look yet it still has a cosy warmth to it thanks to the fabric – it’s a chic winter look. Although the jacket is the hero, the simplicity of the pieces styled with it are not to be underestimated. We’ve said it before, invest in your most basic of basics (in this case, a black cami and leather-look pants) and have a play with the statement outerwear. You could wear this cami throughout the year and it would suit all senses of style. Classic or hippy, a quality cami belongs in every girl’s wardrobe as it’s the perfect layering piece. These three items of clothing make a great trio- it’s a style formula Amanda’s follows fairly regularly and she simply mixes up her outer layer in different ways. This week, it’s velvet that is the star attraction so we’ve extended the feature to show more ways you can wear velvet too. No longer constrained by 70’s-style bell bottoms, velvet’s second incarnation has grown into a sophisticated fabric for all.

More Amazing Ways to Wear Velvet

Casual Kimono – Amp up the intrinsic elegance of velvet with a dramatic kimono-style jacket. As with Amanda’s look, this statement looks best paired with basics and one piece of jewellery.

Ultra Sharp – A well-cut velvet blazer can be as formal, corporate or casual as your heart desires. This look is very after-five as the cropped ankle takes it out of the office, as does the blingy belt. This blazer would look just as fab with blue jeans, flats and a tee for a casual lunch.

Footwear – Velvet shoes are very much on-trend at the moment. So if you’re not keen on the fabric in clothing but would like to dip your toe in the water (see what we did there?) then do so with a rich, velvety shoe. We have seen many open-toe velvet shoes but to us, it’s all about closed-toe footwear to really give that sense of warmth. And of course, opt for deep, rich colours too – we are loving these berries!

asos $40

Double Velvet – feeling luxe? Double up! These classic winter jewel tones look wonderful together, coupled with the lushness of this fabric, they look very enticing for a cool winters night out.

Velvet Pants – it’s not an easy one to pull off but if you’ve got the will (and the pins) then velvet pants can sure look cool! As seen below, over-the-knee boots lessen the impact of the velvet if you’re feeling a little unsure.

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