5 Easy tips to look less tired

Sure, we could all get more sleep or turn the clock back a few years but they’re both equally unlikely to happen in our books! We women have been making the most of what we’ve got for centuries- even during WW11 lipstick sales actually increased as ladies felt it was their “patriotic duty” to look their best – a sign of the times. Now, of course, it’s for our own satisfaction and the desire to make the outside a truer reflection of the inside. So if you suspect you’re looking more tired than you feel, seek out ingredients like Vit-C, look for words like “brightening” and try some of the below tips for a quick fix when required.

Find the Perfect Primer. As we age we lose our natural glow. An easy way to inject luminosity is with a primer that puts back that beam. No, it’s not a shiny finish you’re going for and avoid anything shimmery at all costs as it will highlight fine lines; but it’s a subtle reflective finish that makes your skin look nourished and bounces light.

Bit of Cheeky Colour. Applying a cream blush has become an integral part of our makeup routine. In our books, it’s more important than mascara to help us look more awake! Again, find a luminous cream blush and you need only apply a small amount to the apples of your cheeks and blend upwards. The tone is a personal preference but we would suggest going paler than what you might first think. A subtle colour looks natural and your main objective is for glow rather than over-the-top colour.

Masked Avengers. Eye masks have come a long, long way. As different areas of your face require varying treatments then try a sheet mask that is targeted for the eyes only. We recommend wearing them a few hours before going out and you will physically feel a difference. They’re brilliant for an instant lift! We enjoy this particular mask as it has brightening vitamin-c and we strongly recommend stashing them for long-haul travel when you always need a lift plus its carry-on-luggage approved thanks to the sachet packaging.

Carefully Placed Concealer – with a strong desire to look less tired you may be tempted to smear a heavy coverage liberally across your face but that can drain the life right out of you. Be strategic with your heavy concealer. Pat it under your eyes, on the brow bone to lift your eyes and on dark pigmentation spots. For application: start with your primer, then your foundation, then spot-blend your concealer and smooth over with a second, light layer of foundation.

look less tired

We’ve chosen Woolworth’s new in-house brand, MCo Beauty. It’s cheap as chips and getting rave reviews from the beauty community. MCo Beauty Cover and Treat Hydrating Concealer currently $8.35

Scrub a Dub-Dub. Especially in winter when we’re all rugged up you need to ensure your skin is turning over at a healthy rate. A light exfoliant will lift the dead skin and reveal the brighter layer that will look less tired- the same goes for your body too. Just always remember to return any moisture you’re removing with a serum or an oil. We are currently enjoying the Innoxa Hydrating Facial Oil which is a steal for $15 and it lasts for yonks.

And it goes without saying but we all need reminding at times- water, water and more water. Hydration from the inside out is the most effective way to look less tired.

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