Stylish Formula: Synergie Skin

Chemistry never looked as stylish as when we met Terri Vinson recently! Terri is a cosmetic chemist, Founder of Synergie Skin and knows literally everything there is to know about the science of skin care. We attended the launch event of Synergie Skin’s Plabeau Plasma Skin Rejuvenation Device and got the nitty gritty on all of the incredible research behind the brand which has the enticing tagline “clean science”. Terri says she will try everything herself before going to market and it’s clearing working for her so- we’re listening! We will have more on the on Synergie Skin soon and plan to pick Terri’s brain when it comes to active ingredients but today is about her style.

Terri describes her styles as “Melbourne with a burst of colour”. She is classic and likes to layer in tonal, block colours creating a highly-interchangeable wardrobe that she can get great longevity from. These leather pants are in their sixth winter and Terri has plans for many more years to come in them too. Terri is wearing her favourite colour, purple and is very happy to hear it’s having quite the moment this season!

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  1. Mmm just checked my wardrobe, don’t have one thing purple. I always pick same old, same old.. Need to try something new.


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