Amanda Keller: GetThe Logies Gold

This could be one of our favourite looks for Amanda – an outfit that loosely skims the body instead of skin-tight can be so elegant, it always captures our hearts. And we love us some winter greens! Especially when paired with speckles of gold like in Amanda’s blouse. These cool nights call for interesting textures – suede or leather boots, satins and rich stitching of golds, which all add depth in these garments and make them feel layered and warm. We think it’s a great combo for many women and added 2 to options below dependant on budget. You may like to try out different styles in the skirt (bias cuts aren’t for everyone) but the general combination is dressy with an edge, ala Ms Amanda Keller.

Now, please don’t forget to vote for Amanda in The Logies – you can enter by clicking here and voting closes Sunday. It’s not something we’ve done much of in the past but we now feel pretty passionate about it! There is a bit of a joke going on with voting at the moment and it would be a shame to see a long-time professional like Amanda (or other serious contenders) miss out after 35 years in the business due to a bit of a laugh. We think a nod from The Logies would be well-deserved for someone who is so good and making us laugh and a pro at laughing at herself- what a great trait in the television industry!

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  1. Love Amanda Keller out fit tonight, like her top skirt and shoes..
    Thanks Smart Style Classic for a more affordable look a like of her outfit


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