A Warm Welcome to Our New Travel Contributor, Patsy

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Patsy globetrotting in her infamous Cadarra pieces.

We are absolutely thrilled to introduce you to our new travel-fashion contributor, Patsy. We’ve known Patsy for nearly two years now and not a meeting goes by where we don’t admire her style. In our eyes, Patsy is the undisputed queen of packing light and a professional at getting the most sartorial mileage out very few items of clothing. Patsy is “retired” yet is driven by her passion for her own small business and finds that she is busier now than she ever was. Sound familiar?

Patsy founded her fashion label, Cadarra to suit her travel lifestyle and fulfil her dream to live with less – she only every travels with a carry-on! Cadarra is best described as a convertible wardrobe. We used to think of it as a multi-way dress but soon realised it’s literally everything! Pants, top, dress jumpsuit – effectively you can throw out your entire cupboard and replace it with a couple of Cadarra kits. We will be introducing you more to Cadarra in a post to come soon and you will likely get familiar with it as Patsy is often found wearing hers in new creative ways. If you’re eager to see more of this wonder-garment we urge you to check it out here.

In the 18 months since we launched Smart. Casual. Classic. we’ve aimed to feature boutiques around Australia and occasionally overseas too. You know that special store worth the detour that is seemingly stocked full of goods just for you? We have featured many but there is only so much of us to go around, so we’ve got a recruit! We’ve asked Patsy to share insights into her travels and fashionable adventures. Pats will let us in on secret boutiques, smart style buys, magical markets, any inspiration she gets from fashionable women overseas or simply share with us the fab travel looks of another holiday friend she meets along the way.

Pasty has an eye for style and we think her infectious energy will beam through your screens and you’ll love her just as much as we do. Please join us in welcoming Patsy to the Smart. Casual. Classic crew. You’ll hear from Pats whenever she sights styles that she feels are worthy of sharing with you, our stylish followers. Prepare for travel fashion to become tres chic!

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