It’s poncho Season! How to wear a poncho

The time is nigh – poncho season is upon us! The perfect outer layer to almost any outfit, a poncho can take you from sports to brunch, dinner and late into the evening. They’re suitable for all climates thanks to their ease in layering up or stripping off, which makes them a gem for travel- even for a summer holiday, a light linen poncho is very handy. Depending on how you like to style them -dressed up or down, layered, cinched with a belt, a collar popped over the top, we think we’ve got a great selection of styles covered here. Good luck picking your favourite! Now, what shoes?! We can’t go past a long boot for a casual affair. Check out how these ladies are rocking theirs.

COLOUR ME HAPPY – If you’re sick of the dark tones throughout winter then ensure your outer layer is a statement. These outfits are fab for the northern states where it’s not as cold as the ladies are all showing a little ankle.

Images via Pinterest: Bryn Walker // Over 50 Feeling 40 // Lady of Style

UNBEATABLE BLACK – Ponchos can be dressy too. To lift your outfit you can:

  1. Look for a little sparkle to pair with your frock
  2. Depending on the shape, wear your poncho as a wrap with a full-length dress and a fab, long necklace to elongate your appearance.
  3. Pair with leather because it’s always an elevated fashion choice.

TOP TO TOES: Pile on the neutrals and go for a soft look from your headwear to your shoes. We love how these are styled with hats as year-round sun protection is important and hey, they keep you warm anyway!

PATTERN MAKER: Break up the over-sized nature of a poncho with a printed style. This look can either remain sharp and classic like on the left or if you prefer, go a little bit hippy like our lady on the right.

Images via Pinterest: Distinctly Southern Style // Stilexperte für Styling und Anti-Aging 45+

PLUM PERFECTION: This berry tone is perfect for those who want some cool-weather-colour but aren’t keen on the brights. It’s a fab hue to plump up the skin and has an irresistible warmth. Think about winter fruit and veg – they’re a good guide for winter colours and leave the summer citrus for the hotter days.

Images via Pinterest: EstherTg // Fabulous After 40
Kate & Confusion $14.50 @ David Jones // Target $30

ONE PONCHO THREE WAYS: This is a perfect example of different styling tactics for the one poncho.

  1. Wear it traditionally and layer an amazing bib necklace over the top – remember, put your hair back to flaunt your neckline.
  2. Go casual with it draped over your shoulders and pair with cool slip-on flats.
  3. Or wrap it across the front and add a belt – you must only belt the front on the poncho and leave the back loose.
Images via Pinterest: Hello Im 50ish

MONOCHROME – We like to say that a bit of black and white is always right. Keep it fresh by adding white jeans and a tee, team it with some killer long boots or consider a roll-neck style while wearing your poncho open – its classic meets quirk.

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