Priceline Makeup Director Sarah Laidlaw helps follower, Julianne out of her makeup rut

Tonight, we’re sharing the start of Julianne’s journey to get her out of her makeup rut. Julianne said that she does the same makeup for every occasion. Day, night, fancy dinner or casual catch ups, Julianne says she has one go-to look. Which we don’t think is very rare! Many of us have fallback makeup that is quick and simply gets us out the door. And many of us could probably gain from some insights from an expert like Sarah Laidlaw. Sarah is the Priceline Makeup Director and her impressive career means she has more accolades under her belt than we would even have room to list!

We asked Sarah to take a look at a current photo of our lovely reader, Julianne with and without makeup to see what she can tweak. Like us, Sarah thought Julianne already looked fantastic, but Sarah had some really easy and practical tips that Julianne could adjust. Julianne will come back to us once she has tried them to share her updated look. We hope you get some great tips along the way as we sure did! Enjoy…

Reader, Julianna looking fabulous in her current makeup

“Julianne is doing a really good job with her skin already. I can see she is covering her under eye circles and she is getting some nice shape into her face through her cheeks with some contouring. For a little extra under eye coverage, I would recommend a product with higher pigment, rather than simply adding extra layers. When something is a higher pigment, the formulation is opaque, so there is more coverage without having to pile it on.

Dermablend was designed for birthmarks or scarring but it’s very high pigment means you can use a sheer amount on her dark circles. Plus, what she is already working with on her foundation is great.”

Dermablend Cover Cream SPF 30 $56.95 @ Priceline

Eyebrows– I would probably bring down Julianne’s arch a little and make her eyebrow a little thicker. Because what happens as we age is the brow bone gets fleshier, and when we arch our brows too much it accentuates that. If Julianne can fill in the outer edge, underneath the brow and elongate it, that will help to flatten the eye out a little bit.

NYX Professional Makeup Eyebrow Cake Powder $9.95 @ Priceline

Eyelids – I like the eyeliner on top but I think Julianne can skip the eyeliner on the bottom. Julianne has rounded eyes and the bottom eyeliner is dragging her eye down. Instead, Julianne can use a small brush with a taupe eyeshadow and lightly dust underneath. This will give her the definition but won’t be as heavy or dark.

Australis Customise Eyeshadow Powder $2.40 @ Priceline


At the top of Julianne’s lids, where we get the hoods, Julianne has the dark shadow or eyeliner on there, which actually exaggerates the hood. So, I’d go for a light brown or taupe matte eyeshadow around the hooded fold and a great mascara to distract from the lid. And I’d recommend an eyelash serum for Julianne. There is a paint-on growth serum from Skin Physics, it actually works. Your eyelashes have a very short growth cycle, they grow and fall out constantly and a lot of the follicles forget to regrow as you get older and your eyelashes get thinner, shorter and more sparse- as well as your eyebrows actually. And what this serum does is, encourages that hair to actually grow and minimises them falling out, so you end up with all your hairs and they’re long and thick. It makes such a difference. An eyelash will make Julianne look so much younger, and she probably doesn’t want to go and get extensions or put faslies on. You just use this serum morning and night for 3 months and after that every second day or so to keep it up. And then you can use your regular mascara to accentuate the beautiful colour of her eyes.

Skin Physics Lash and Brow Magic Enhancing treatment $41.99 @ Priceline


Skin: Julianne’s foundation is already great! She looks like she is getting coverage yet it isn’t cakey and it has a glow; it’s spot on. But like most Australian women, I’d bring the foundation down to the décolletage area too, to even up the colour and texture from the face to the chest as that is where we tend to have sun damage.


Lips: when you have fine lips, like myself and Julianne, if I put on a bright lipstick on, it looks silly. There are some really great lip balms that have a tint in them like Burts Bees or Lanolips. So, you don’t end up with that hard line from lipsticks and it keeps your lips hydrated and coloured with a little bit of something. Julianne doesn’t really need a statement lip anyway, I think drawing attention to her beautiful eyes is the way to go.

Lanolips Tinted Balm SPF 30 $14.99 @ Priceline

To easily make this a look for day wear, just take away the eyeliner on the bottom and instead of black liner around the top, go for browns, specifically a tan-leather colour, with a tinge of orange, that will really pop Julianne’s blue eyes. And instead of using an eye pencil, use an eyeshadow brush that has a straight edge, to softly define the eyes for day wear rather than a heavy pencil.

Otherwise, I think Julianne can stick with these lovely tones for evening makeup looks, just remembering removing the bottom liner.

NYX Professional Makeup Retractable eyeliner in bronze $9.95 @ Priceline


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    • Agreed Edith. I like that Sarah gives realistic advice. Some makeup artists give over-complicated instructions that frankly , I would never attempt.

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