Summer jackets: finding the perfect lightweight jacket and how to style it

The mercury is rising and it’s time to shed some layers! But what if you are someone who likes a little bit of arm coverage? Not all summer tops or dresses come with sleeves and you don’t want to be wearing a heavy woollen cardigan in the heat. Enter, the lightweight, summery, cover-up thingys! They’re not really jackets, they don’t exactly keep you warm, but they’re that extra layer for when you are after some coverage or wanting to style a look up. Tonight, Vivienne is demonstrating some very pretty Boho Bird pieces and we’ve put together a further selection along with tips on how we’d wear them. Cheers lovelies!

Vivienne wearing Boho Bird spring day throw in pink $89.95 @ Birdsnest


Shanty linen jacket $164.95 @ Birdsnest


Vivienne wearing Boho Bird spring day throw in neutral $89.95 @ Birdsnest

The perfect accompaniment to your formal look! We’d style this in tonal pink or over a neutral/cream frock. Forever New always have something like this in stock. We love them but they’re not easy to find so always try here first. Forever New embellished cape $99.99

Bombers do look great with jeans but not on all women. We feel their shape looks best paired with a fitted skirt and tee that is tucked in the front. Or just make sure the hem of the bomber doesn’t sit perfectly in line with the hem of your top- it will look too boxy and cut you in half. Rockmans paisley bomber $20

Isn’t this just divine? The muted red gives it an air of relaxation and we love how it’s shown here, paired with a simple slip. Sometimes you can just let your outerwear do the talking! Tree of Life long red kimono $69.95

We have no idea which colour we prefer! Think of what works back with the majority of your wardrobe first. And collarless styles are great if you love statement jewellery! Suzanne Grae linen blend collarless jacket in pink or blue $69.95

If you see an outfit in a Sussan catalogue: buy everything! In our long experience looking at fashion campaigns, Sussan always get the styling bang on. We just adore this all-white ensemble with that red. And paired with tan leather it grounds the whole outfit.  Sussan Stencil Floral Kimono $129.95

Add interest to an all-black outfit with a gorgeously detailed kimono like this. The single tie in the centre makes this a very flattering piece of clothing as you tug in under the breast or at the small of your waist. Autograph embroidered kimono $99.95

We love some black + white in the summer time. It’s fresh and sits beautifully against blue denim washes. Maybe add some red accessories to really pop!? Sussan tassel jacket $129.95

Ah, the ever-faithful waterfall style, it suits everyone and is so comfortable. We’d pair this look with a silver and turquoise necklace and sandals by day or rose gold and heels by night. Suzanne Grae white waterfall jacket $69.95

Like the waterfall style but not game for white? Try out a soft-pink. Consider pairing this gentle tone with a loud red, they really compliment one another. Big W tie sleeve jacket $25

These diagonal lines are great for elongating the frame and this print with the detailed sleeve trim is right up our inner-boho-alley. Tree of Life blue midi kimono $35

If you’re going to buy a floral bomber then make sure the print is somewhat sparse like this. It’s a factor that keeps a floral modern, look for digitalised prints that almost look like a painting rather than real flowers. Target floral bomber $39

We’d also wear this muted-lemon jacket with a floral dress that also has a touch of yellow in it. Sussan button through jacket $99.95

Grey marle can wash you out but a block grey that is deep like this won’t have the same effect. The model wearing white looks gorgeous! But if that’s not your thing, grey always looks good with pops of yellow or red. Always. Black Pepper grey bomber $99.95

The way the design of the print falls into triangles on either side is a lovely shape for the frame and visually splits the wearer into three segments, which is not only flattering but also a hard and fast photography rule! Autograph floral kimono $79.95

We’re featuring this beaut jacket again to show you the navy option if the fuschia is a bit much for your wardrobe. You don’t often get such lovely trench-style detailing in a jacket that is nice a nice and informal length like this. Black Pepper Monty jacket $109

This would make for a brilliant travel item. Its crinkly texture means you wear is straight from the suitcase and the black transitions it from day to eveningwear seamlessly.  Millers crinkled embroidered jacket $40

This dusty tone suits everyone. Pair it with basics like the model or your favourite simple frock. We think it would look great with a dress that has a slight kick hem to balance out the top. Forever New lily lace kimono $89.99

The choice is yours… pair with ankle boots, jeans and a singlet? Or a slightly-fitted, plain shift dress and pretty sandals. How about both as the mood takes you! Best and Less bell sleeve kimono $30

This last style was a stand-out for us. The back trim gives it a sense of formality and the cropped, angled hem is incredibly flattering. We’d pair this with some black palazzo pants and a soft pink shell top for fancy events. Big W floral cropped kimono $25

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