Tried & Tested: JOHN FRIEDA Luxurious Volume Shampoo & Conditioner

JOHN FRIEDA Luxurious Volume Core Restore
JOHN FRIEDA Luxurious Volume Core Restore

When we first read of the promise on offer from the John Frieda Luxurious Volume Core Restore range we knew we had to give it a whirl. But we only have so much hair to try all of the fab new products! So we turned to none other than you, our followers, to help review the goods. The tempting tagline “Rethink volume” was put to the test on Sussan’s and Jacqueline’s tresses.


Sussan before trial (far left) and after trial (middle and far right)
Sussan before trial (left) and after trial (middle and right)

“I actually love the product! I’ve cut all my hair off and when I’m styling it I feel like I’m getting a lot more body. My hair also feels so much healthier and not as whispy. Thank you! I love it.”
– Sussan

So it’s a thumbs up from Sussan’s lifted locks. How about our second reviewer?

Jacqueline before (left) and after (right) volume shampoo
Jacqueline before (left) and after (right) volume shampoo

“The blue polo neck jumper is 12 days of using the John Frieda volumising products. The other photo, taken on The Jacobite railway in Scotland last month, shows my hair before the treatment.

The products did add volume for the first few days of use. I was surprised that instantly my hair gained volume and looked so much thicker. It tended to look drier and lacked shine. I have found though, in the past couple of days, my hair seems to have gone back to it’s shinier but thinner-looking self, lacking the volume it had last week.

I am thinking I will go back to my normal shampoo and, after a couple of days, try the John Frieda products again. If it gains the volume once again, I do think it would be good to have on hand if I wanted a voluminous look for a special occasion.” – Jacqueline

In summary: we are so happy to hear it worked so well for Sussan. However, we think Jacqueline may be onto something with using the volumizing product intermittently for the best effect. Certain hair products (on particular hair types) are best used about once a week or as required. For example, purple shampoos, dandruff and psoriasis products are to only be used occasionally. For some, switching up of products can work wonders on your tresses. In fact, we don’t believe in sticking to the same product for years and years.  Although we do understand that swapping and changing may not help your other half understand why you have so many products in the bathroom!

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