Amanda Keller: Feminine Toughness

Yes, you can wear ripped jeans at any age and this outfit is proof! We love the way this look is styled with a pretty blouse that brings feminity to the tough nature of the distressed denim. It’s an entirely mature look with a trend-driven edge that doesn’t pretend to be young and fashion-obsessed, it is merely a twist on a classic. If you’ve been eyeing off a pair of ripped jeans then go for it. You can keep the rest of your outfit very neat and understated and let the jeans do their work. They’re also the perfect Spring jeans if you choose to wear them loosely like Amanda – they’re a bit airier than regular denim 🙂

Do you know our number one rule about ripped denim? If you like them then yes, you can wear them. If you don’t, then don’t. Simples! If you’re curious then take inspiration from Amanda and scroll further to see more fabulous over 50’s wearing some torn jeans!

ripped jeans over 50
Image via Pinterest: Felicity Kendal’s wearing ripped jeans at 69
ripped jeans over 50
Image via Pinterest: Personal image consultant Brenda Kinsel takes the subtle approach and always looks a treat.
ripped jeans over 50
Image via Pinterest: The simplest of outfits are often the greatest!
ripped jeans over 50
Image via Pinterest Be The Elegant: BYO cool attitude for your distressed denim!

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