Sofia Gilinas’s Everday Style

When we read Sofia’s bio it piqued our interest see someone who has clearly worked hard from humble beginnings to get where she is today. Sofia arrived in Australia from Greece and has a rags-to-riches story that is all self-made. An entrepreneur, Women’s Empowerment Coach, Fashion Designer, Mother of 7 (and proud Grandmother!) Sofia never went to school yet taught herself to speak English and became the master of her own destiny thanks to pure grit and determination. Then to see the visual culmination of this biography is a woman who is the epitome of aging gracefully… so we had to ask if she would tell us a bit about her style and share some snaps. Adding to her busy life and community-led ambition, Sofia is the executive producer of new network 10 series Behind the Sash. The reality program follows Sofia and three other powerful women as they travel the nation and abroad to shine a light on issues of injustice whilst searching for the next Mrs Australia. We thrilled to introduce you this beauty, brains and soulful woman.

My personal style is not about fashion for me as much as looking and feeling great, confident and comfortable in what I wear! It’s about having great breathable fabrics and more importantly shape and movement. I love to dress in theme on where I am going and play stories of which archetype I will adopt for that event! I try and have fun with my clothing and I never overthink the process, because I have developed a collection of clothing at home that works and it’s easy to choose and throw on as my lifestyle is super busy. Women we need to feel confident and look effortless in the way we dress, once I walk out the door I’m ready for what the day will bring.


Tune into Channel 10 Peach to watch Sofia’s new show Behind the Sash – a captivating documentary series that’s expected to shift the culture of Australian TV for the greater good.

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