Amanda Keller: How to Nail Florals

Let’s talk florals! There are many who steer clear of florals because they feel it ages them somehow. The trick to ensuring your floral print isn’t “daggy” like some have been labelled them, is to go big and go graphic. Fine floral prints can be busy and don’t exactly slim a figure. Large, lush-looking florals and on-trend, large-leaf botanical are the way to go. So play with scale, big flowers and leaves on a clean base rather than a uniform fine print across the garment. And colour! Washed tones are very in fashion and don’t be shy to try non-realistic colours or arty patterns like bright-but-simple line drawings on a plain base. If you’re still unsure then funk it up like Amanda with layered statement jewellery and ankle boots. She always knows how to bring some edge to the prettiest of outfits – it’s her signature and we always enjoy it!

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