Trackside Style: The Golden Eagle, Rosehill Racecourse

We hit the track to check out what the fillies are wearing for a fancy day out at the races. We love that, even though most wear dresses to the races, you can still see quite a varied style. From boho to classic monochrome and all the way to full-blown glamour these are the ladies that caught our eye.

“My dress is from Jag and my hat is from Myer” – Vicky (left)
“My dress is Katies and my headband is Kmart!” – Joy (right)
“I picked up this dress from a little pop-up store in Liverpool hospital actually – I loved the colour” Yvonne
“I like to wear classic clothes and what is more classic than black and white” – Vicki wearing a Jendi hat and Adorne dress.
“We’re out today to create memories” Danielle, Tracey and Deb
“I’m all about glamour” – Gail wearing a Cooper St dress she has owned for over 20 years!
“We both don’t usually go to feminine but what better day to wear girly clothes” – Sue and Stacey
“We are here to celebrate Jacqui’s 21st, dress up and have some bubbles” – Tina and Jacqui
“I’m usually a very casual dresser but we came up from Canberra for the day and enjoyed dressing up” – Tracy
“I absolutely love fashion and dressing up!” – Shashi
“We are out for a day to catch up and frock up” – Bernie, Nicole, Julianne and Kirsten.
“I moved down from Queensland for work just last week and we are getting together to catch up” – Rhonda (left) with friend Debbie (right)

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  1. All the Ladies look fabulous at Rosehill Races , liked all the beautiful colours and headwear.


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