Our Favourite Products For Mature Women from the TVSN Beauty Bazaar

Yesterday morning we died and went to beauty heaven! We got to experience the amazing range of beauty products available to purchase on Australia’s biggest shopping network, TVSN. Some were new to us and others we old obsessive favourites. And no, the word “obsessive” isn’t overdoing it, it turns out TVSN now have many of our favourite beauty brands. And, here they are…

First up is a firm favourite of ours since their launch and newbies to TVSN, Rageism Beauty. We have gone on and on about the quality of their makeup formulations and the painstaking research that has paid off dividends with a brilliant product for mature skin. Our favourites are the Illuminating Primer, All Day Foundation and Creme Blush. Everyone is raving about their lippies too! If you snag one of their TVSN bargains we would love to hear your review of your purchase in our Smart. Casual. Classic chat group here.

Truly a beautiful range,Rageism Beauty

We loved this product because it felt and looked real even though they are made from faux hair and much more affordable than real hair wigs. The full wig styles are lovely for anyone experiencing hair loss from chemo, it’s great to see a beautiful and affordable range finally. But the fact is, many women experience hair thinning for a variety of reasons and these Hairdo extension pieces really enticed us. Add an extra oomph to your bun for a formal night out or go wild with an extravagant long ponytail.

The range of options from HairDo

Next up is a brand that has truly reached cult status and actually had its launch on TVSN nearly two decades ago, Alpha H. Their infamous range Liquid Gold is loved by all ages for the powerful Glycolic Acid formulation that turns over dead skin cells and allows your next products, like moisturisers to work more effectively on your skin. It’s one of those products that people fall head over heels for once they try it and has fairly earnt the status of a cult product.

One try and you’re hooked, Alpha H

Another Aussie powerhouse, The Jojoba Company is new to the country’s largest selling platform TVSN. This all-natural formulation is derived from the Jojoba plant – farmers extract a wax to use as the main ingredient in their super-soothing products. The Jojoba wax mimics your skins own natural wax ester, something that is in sharp decline with age, and also kills germs, smothers viruses and creates a protective barrier for locking in moisture. It’s darn delightful on the skin and we haven’t met a person yet who didn’t love it.

The Jojoba Company‘s green goodness.

Our final favourite is from offshore, Doll 10 is an English cosmetics brand whose ethos is that you can do your makeup in 10 minutes and still look fab. We liked the sound of that! Also formulated for mature skin, Doll 10’s founder had battled a type of rare cancer and says she didn’t recognise herself in the mirror anymore. That moment led to her formulating a nourishing range of cosmetics that make her feel like herself again and she can doll up in 10 minutes. Rather than explain the 10 minutes we think this little video is worth a watch. It’s actually only 9minutes and 32 seconds!

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