How Julianne Moore Achieves her Flawless Style

Julianne Moore is someone who flips between the red carpet to casual weekend looks with equal grace. Her style somehow mixes drama and elegance with a very relaxed appeal, she always looks fantastic but never like she is trying especially hard. This star is loved by the fashion world and is often seen mixing with the style set – you can pick her because she is one of the few actually smiling! A seemingly warm individual who is generous in interviews and has brought truly memorable characters to life, it’s fair to say we adore this stylish star and below are some of the jaw-dropping reasons why…

  • She is a risk-taker. There are a thousand and one elegant, simple gowns out there but Ms Moore always opts for that something extra. It’s the reason we wait for her arrival during awards season, we are never bored and she never lets us down. Truly, we feel she is one of the most fashionable women in Hollywood irrespective of age. Her taste is eccentric at times but never garish or unnecessarily revealing. Not that there is anything wrong with risque, sexy looks, we just think Julianne wipes the floor with anyone when it comes to style and yet she isn’t one to show excess skin. When she has these WOW moments they work because she has the perfect balance of statement mixed with simple details. If her fabric is luxurious and voluminous, this is not the time to wear a bright colour. If her colour is bold, the cut becomes more streamlined. Her often-relaxed hair and makeup also play a role in keeping a look understated. She toes the line right before her outfits becomes over the top and it’s what we love the most.
Image via Pinterest: Harpers Bazaar. This dress is wild and we love it. So Julianne went extremely simple heel, the good old nude two-strap.
Image via Pinterest: InStyle A jacket to steal the show with everything else remaining classic and sleek.
Image via Pinterest: Instyle Another amazing bolero-style jacket! Brilliantly brought down a peg with cool black palazzo pants.
  • Although she shakes up her look, she is still happy to regularly follow the age-old rule that redheads look amazing in green! Yes, it’s expected but it’s always a showstopper when that firey hair is paired with a deep green.
  • She has found a shape she loves and is happy to re-work it over and over again. This short babydoll style really shows off her amazing legs. Lucky woman! But that’s Hollywood for us hey. The same rule still applies to us common folk though – really nut out the cut that works for you and let that lead your shopping expeditions. We’ve noticed Julianne does like to wear a sleeve, like many of us, so perhaps she is human after all : )
  • If you’re doing colour, go full throttle! Never one to waste her time with a suggestion of colour, this star makes it known to the world and will often double up on a tone. We don’t often see a washy print either, Julianne goes hard or goes home when it comes to colour, we think the strong hues pair wonderfully with that powerfully-coloured hair.
  • Sometimes black on black is the ultimate chicness. Again, these looks are made all the better by the sensational red locks that pop off the black. However these aren’t basic black items, they all are cut to an impeccable level of precision to make enough of a statement that a style queen is in the room.
  • When it comes to makeup it’s all about the eyes. Julianne’s lips are not huge but that doesn’t mean she can’t wear bold lipstick occasionally, she just knows her eyes are one of her greatest assets and flaunts them.
  • Casually muted is how Julianne does off-duty. Interestingly, the moment this star goes casual her tones become very neutral. Almost as if the colourway predicts her more mellow mood for a weekend vibe. On neutrals, never let anyone tell you to avoid beige or creams as we age, it all comes down to your personal skin tone, nothing to do with your age.
  • Smart fashion from top to toe! Julianne is careful with her fair skin and is often spied wearing her trusty fedora. Not only is this wise it’s a great way of bringing together a chic day look. And when it comes to the all-important footwear comfort is king for this star. We think she may have shares in Birkenstocks

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