Style Refresh and Pamper Day for Frances

We were honoured to recently meet Frances and her dear friend Dawn at a mini styling session. As with many women who are thinking about changing their look, Frances had been through some hard and emotional times and was ready to lift herself up. When we learned of Frances’ motivation for this refresh we knew she deserved something more and began organising a full pamper session for her. Along with some very generous partners we spent the day with Frances and her best bud, Dawn to make her feel as amazing as she is. We had a beautiful (and at times, emotional) day with these long-term friends and think Frances looks a million buck. We must say a huge thank you to these very kind, generous and talented professionals who were part of the day:

  • Winnie from Esstudio Galleria, Parramatta for gorgeous her cut and colour.
  • Kristy Orr for the perfectly appropriate makeup.
  • Rageism Beauty for supplying their infamous makeup that is specifically formulated for mature skin.
  • Sportscraft for allowing us to loan their smart, casual pieces AND giving Frances a $200 gift voucher to spend.
Lovely France ready for some TLC
Already a beat France is ready to put some focus back on herself.

As often is the case, these transformative moments have much earlier beginnings. We sat down with Frances to chat about her background and what brought her to this moment.

“I have always paid attention to my overall look in regards to makeup, clothes, accessories and hair. Sadly this all changed when my beautiful boy Rhys, aged 26 tragically died in April 2017. Since then I really have not cared about myself and as a result, my hair has become brittle and dry along with my skin, I have gained 20 kilos and have been living in a ‘grief fog’ for twenty-nine months since Rhys passed away. During this time I have lost my stepson, my father in law and mother in law, just before Rhys’ passing I lost my nephew who was the same age as Rhys. These losses just compounded my grief. My husband has not only lost his son in July 2018 (fifteen months after Rhys) but has previously lost his 23-year-old daughter, so we have lost three adult children between us; we have one child left, Mitchell. We are broken.

September is a difficult month with father’s day, then my birthday, my other son Mitchell’s birthday, Rhys’ birthday and my son Mitchell’s wedding anniversary. I was dreading it as this year I turned 60. Rhys certainly embraced our birthday celebrations during September so I thought NO, I am going to celebrate, not with the big 60th I have been planning but with those closest to me. With my beautiful friend of 43 years, Dawn, I took a week’s worth of long service leave and went out every day for lunch with friends I have known since first form (1972) along with Dawn for three of those days. Finishing off with our other best friend who I met in 1968, Janelle. Over those years, we have become sisters. This was the catalyst for change. So when the opportunity for this style refresh came along via smart casual classic, I jumped at the chance as I feel like the fog is lifting and I need to start to embrace life a wee bit more. “

Now, let’s get pampering…

Talented hairdresser and generous professional Winnie from Esstudio Galleria and Frances talk cut and colour

WINNIE SAYS: At first glance, I noticed Francis’s beautiful eyes and amazing natural wave. This automatically gave me a vision to deepen her hair colour with warmth, and cutting her hair shorter, allowing volume and movement to enhance these stunning features. While also keeping it low maintenance and manageable at home. Keeping those natural curls in place with frizz control shaping cream, and a miracle moisturiser treatment by the brand Eleven Australia.


“I gave Winnie a ‘free range’ to do whatever she wanted in regards to length, style, colour with my long hair, as long as I could put it up and it was easy to maintain. The results are wonderful! I love the colour, style and length; absolutely makes me feel and look younger.”

Makeup time! We were so fortunate to have the opportunity to use Rageism Beauty products. You may have heard us sing their praises before but that’s because they’re magnificent and specially formulated for mature skin. Must try!
Experienced makeup artist Kristy Orr continues the pampering for Frances

Kristy’s basic steps include:

To create a nice clean base I used a facial cleansing wipe on Frances skin
Applied primer to cheeks, chin and forehead.
I used a corrective concealer to counteract any redness.
Applied foundation with a brush and stippled into her skin with a sponge.
Defined brows with matte dark brown shadow using an angled brush.
Applied matte light brown and bronzed shadows to her eyelids.
Black eyeliner was used and applied with a fine small pointy brush.
I used a black shadow to blend and create a slightly smokey eyelid.
Black mascara was applied to top and bottom lashes.
I applied ‘short’ individual black lashes to the outer corners of Frances’s eyes.
I used a lip coloured lip liner then a soft blush pink lipstick.
Bronzing powder was used to contour and define cheekbones.

I choose a liquid foundation that has good coverage to even out skin tone. When working with mature skin I find using little powder creates a better result (slightly dewy) concealers under and on the inner corners of the eye create a more opened eye and a fresher look! And I use more matte products apposed to shimmer on maturer skin.

Why Rageism Beauty products? I liked using the Rageism Beauty Illuminating Primer, it provided a good base for the foundation. I like the consistency and coverage of the foundation and the lipsticks are lovely and creamy!

The check-in!

“The make-up certainly was extremely light in feel and I could still feel my skin breathing. The foundation coverage was wonderful as I have Rosacea and many age spots, but the make-up gave my face a renewed youth. The brown tones of the eye shadow complemented my eyes along with the addition of a few false eyelashes just at the edge, lift my eyes. The neural lipstick just finished off the natural look. Just loved the look and I picked up some useful tips along the way. ”

– Frances
We were over the moon that the generous Sportscraft team allowed us to not only style France but they also offered her a $200 gift voucher! We LOVE Sportscfraft for their fabulously well-made pieces that suit the mature customer so well. Even better that they now also have a range that goes to a size 24. Thank you Sportscraft!
France looking a million bucks in this casually chic look from our friends at Sportscraft. This khaki top looks amazing against her red locks and made her eyes pop. This breathable loose-tie tee is $99. And everyone must own some fresh pants for the warmer months. They don’t have to be white, we like the neutrals too but a soft drawstring style like this will mean you never want to take them off. They’re $139.99 and you’ll live in them!
Frances and her friend since the ’70s, Dawn. We’re not sure we’ve ever witnessed a more kind and caring friendship.

“I certainly would never have selected the clothes that I wore during styling session. The Sportscraft range of clothing suited my shape and age. The linen pants and jacket were just so comfortable and the top suited my skin tone, hair, age and shape. I certainly will be taking a long hard look at my current wardrobe and giving it an overhaul.
I am on a mission to lose those excess kilos and will then use my wonderful Sportscraft voucher to buy a new outfit along the lines of the clothes that Sportscraft had selected. Beautiful clothing that makes you feel special. “

– Frances

This pamper day has actually done more than revamp my looks and style, it has given me a taste of what life is about, renewed my care factor and boosted my faded confidence; also enjoying and embracing who you are. I have spent far too long in that ‘grief fog’ letting myself go; at the end of the day it changes nothing, my grief will always be there, I will always miss my boy and other family members but I am here and I need to do the best I can to enjoy each day and allow myself to evolve into whatever I want to be.
Thank you for making this possible Rebecca and Smart Casual Classic, you certainly do not know the depth of how you have made me feel (tears now) I will never forget your kindness. Thank you, you are a special person with an amazing talent for style. Also a huge thank you to my best friend Dawn who introduced me to Rebecca and Smart Casual Classic and has always been there in the good times and not so good times, love her to bits!

Well, we must say thank YOU, Frances! You’re a beautiful person inside and out and a little pamper session is the least we could do. Thank you for being so “up for it”. Thank you again to Esstudio Galleria, Kristy Orr, Rageism Beauty and Sportscraft who all generously assisted with the day. Great souls! Now, who needs a hug? We sure do.

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  1. Beautiful make over with Rageism. Hairdresser done a good job, looks great and styling with Sportscraft clothes. Frances looks fabulous and hope you went out somewhere that night


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