High Tea for The Parramatta Women’s Shelter

Today we visited the inaugural fundraiser for the new women’s shelter in Parramatta. It struck us that there wasn’t already a service like this in the area. We’re told that previously when women have been in need, the closest emergency accommodation was 20km away in Liverpool. Now, thanks to the hard work of these amazing volunteers, there is a local option for women, with or without children, who need assistance. The Parramatta Women’s Shelter is open and they’re ready for the community to get behind them and show support in such ways as today’s’ high tea. Set in the beautiful and historic grounds of Old Government House in Parramatta Park, guests were treated to a delicious high tea and enjoyed raffles to further support the cause. It was a perfect afternoon for an important cause and we were honoured to help promote this much-needed service. Thanks to the following guests for saying yes to a photo!

The Parramatta Women’s Shelter board members

Rebecca, Sharon, Olivia and Naomi
Jill (board member) and Rosalind who would like to mention the Link to Home website for those seeking emergency accommodation.
Rosemary, Natalie and Wendy
Meredith and Naomi. Meredith volunteers at another shelter to assist women to escape domestic violence and is here to support her fellow volunteers today.
Georgina and Kathy. “We’re happy to be here to help and hope we can continue to bring more support to the shelter.”
Kim, Clr. Penny and Kellie. Ryde Councillor Penny Pedersen who is Chair of the Status of Women Advisory Committee.
Sina, Helen and Kayla. “It coincided with my birthday and so we thought we’d celebrate at high tea and support the new shelter at the same time” – Helen.
Helen “I’m here in place of Councillor Donna Davis who wished greatly that she could have made it”.
Lydia “I am a family lawyer here in Parramatta and I see first-hand the need for a shelter like this so I am doing what I can to help”
Sureen and Shaun “a friend asked us along here today. We didn’t realise there was no service like this already in Parramatta so we wanted to come and lend support.”
Miriam “I help with the social media management of the shelter”

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  1. How good are these ladies. Doing a great job and the shelter is so needed in Parramatta..
    Well done to all


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