Comfort Shoes That Don’t Compromise Style: Vionic Giveaway

There are many profound expressions about our feet. We clearly understand the significance of them in our journey through life. But does that mean they receive the respect they deserve? Not usually, no. Most of us largely ignore our feet until ultimately, due to pain, we can ignore them no more. But for us, something clicked when a podiatrist recently pointed out that we spend more money on going out heels than the shoes that we wear daily. Gasp! She had us pinned! We were letting our feet down at the most vital of times.

Since that “aha” moment, we made it our mission to take better care in choosing our everyday footwear and not just focus on the fancy options. And it’s that motivation led us to Vionic Shoes. Designed by a podiatrist but clearly made with a style-conscious individual in mind, the range has arch support, heel cups and shock absorbing technology to align your feet and support your entire leg.

“Patients wearing the Vionic contoured sandal were 68% more likely to report improvement in symptoms when compared to those wearing flat flip flops”


Not only do we love the on-trend neutrals, dusty pastels and styles like slides and wedges at Vionic but there is scientific evidence to back up our desire for these lust-have comfort shoes. The results of a 12-week study of 150 participants found that patients wearing the Vionic contoured sandal were 68% more likely to report improvement in heel pain when compared to those wearing flat flip flops. In fact, the “contoured sandal provided similar relief to Vionic’s best-selling orthotic inserts in alleviating heel pain”. This is great news for the 1 in 10 of us dealing with regular foot pain like plantar fasciitis!

Even greater news? We have the opportunity to a free pair of Vionic Shoes away!

Entering the comp is simple:

  • Head to our Facebook page and comment on the post where we ask you which style you like best and why for your chance to win that particular style.
  • Like or follow the Vionic facebook page. They’re already running some amazing comps and the shoes are fab so it’s worth the follow!

The competition will open Wednesday 13th February 2019 and close Wednesday 27th at 5 pm. The winner will be announced within the above mentioned Facebook post on Thursday 28th February.

So enter to treat yourself to these delicious sole-full shoes because hell, you can’t deny science! You will be doing a literal happy dance if you win these beauties but there is just one catch… how to choose which you like best! If you want to make a closer inspection on each of the styles please click below:

  1. Vionic Shoes ‘Frances’ sandal
  2. Viconic Shoes ‘Rio’ platform sandal
  3. Vionic Shoes ‘Leah’ sneaker
  4. Vionic Shoes ‘Gracie’ slipper

Good luck ladies!

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