Jens 50th birthday Grecian Holiday Style Guide 

Oooh, this one was fun to put together! We lived vicariously through follower, Jenny as we put together this Greek Holiday style guide.
Jenny is the lucky reader who was first to put up her hand for some styling tips last week when we featured the Birdsnest Changeroom concept – read more about that here.
When we were first approached to help style Jenny, we looked over some photos and saw that she is already doing great- she is a stylish woman! But when she said she feels like we might be able to suggest some new things for her and that she doesn’t believe many dresses suit her because she is short, we were up for the challenge.

Jenny is off to Greece in September so we’ve curated a holiday wardrobe for the lucky traveller all from the online store, Birdsnset. Jenny typically wears pants so we’ve included pant looks and pushed some dresses too – it’s a Grecian holiday, fairly certain at least one dress is mandatory! We’ve actually included more than we imagine Jenny would pack to give her some options to play with and entice her to take up a Birdsnest Changeroom order and try out the styles she prefers.
We hope you have a great holiday, Jenny! Please do share with us any shopping success and thanks for taking part in our feature.

Casual Dresses

First up casual dresses! We realise there is a jumpsuit in there but Jenny said she is up for jumpsuits and at the bottom of this feature we will show you all the fun ways to style this pinafore cut – we love to layer. We’ve gone for blues because a) it’s Greece b) they suit all women, all summer and c) it’s Greece! All of these styles have a high or straight neckline. This gives the illusion that a short body is actually a bit longer. We don’t recommend wearing dresses too far below the knee if short but if you do, a kick hem (like the striped dress) will make you look less swamped.  We’ve always chosen straight, loose styles that skim the mid-section because who wants anything but comfort while on a break?

RUBY YAYA Adelia Tunic Dress $159.95 @ Birdsnest // BIRD KEEPERS The Cotton Stripe Dress $79.95 @ Birdsnest // BOHO BIRD Renaissance Overalls $129.95 @ Birdsnest // HATLEY Viola Dress $119.00 @ Birdsnest

Dinner Dresses

Holiday dinners are for unwinding after a tough (ahem) day so we’ve kept these options easy to wear and indulge in. Some pops of blues and greens to highlight a tan or expose some subtle skin in off-the-shoulder. We think all of these dresses would work well on Jenny’s complexion, sun-kissed or not. And we’re still working with that raised neckline to give the illusion that the dress is longer.

ESSAYE Audrey Dress $175.00 @ Birdsnest // FOIL Margin Call Shift Dress $129.95 @ Birdsnest // BOHO BIRD You Have My Heart Dress $109.95 @ Birdsnest


Fabric is everything! We chose breathable, lightweight fabrics as a first priority. The second focus was the cuts – scooped hems, gathered busts and ruching all slim the body and keep you cool. And although nauticals always look good, we love us some earthy and dusty tones while seaside too. It just adds to the air of relaxation.

BIRD KEEPERS The Striped Top $89.95 @ Birdsnest // BRAVE & TRUE Shoreline Frill Top $94.95 // CAROUSEL LIFESTYLE Palazzo Top $69.00 on sale for $34.95 @ Birdsnest


Stretchy waistbands, soft tones and versatility are key. Jenny can dress all of these up or down which is great to minimise packing. They’re all also cropped pants- a key style for short legs, which from the photos we’ve seen, Jenny already knew!

BIRD KEEPERS The Chambray Curved Hem Pant $99.95 @ Birdsnest // FATE + BECKER Nichols Wide Leg Pant $109.95 @ Birdsnest // BIRD KEEPERS The Pull On Short $69.95 @ Birdsnest


Beachwear certainly comes down to personal preference but we feel like Jenny can’t go wrong with these options. The tank (which comes with a matching brief) has to be the easiest swimwear styles to pull off and the subtle dot print is on-trend but doesn’t scream “look at me”. The white cotton shirt is the PERFECT holiday item. It’s highly-texturised meaning no ironing, it can be worn open over cossies, buttoned and belted at the bar or paired with harem pants at the tourist spot. It’s a must-pack. The striped free-flowing dress had our hearts at first sight. This will be the one that Jenny can throw on over swimmers without checking in the mirror before she misses that ferry!

BIRD KEEPERS The Beach Throw $69.95 $30.00 @ Birdsnest // BIRD KEEPERS The Bonded Cotton Shirt $79.95 // CAPRIOSCA Underwire Tankini Top $132.00 @ Birdsnest


Like any regular traveller knows, pick your two most versatile and comfortable shoes and stick to just them. There is a great temptation to pack more but they take up a lot of space and hey… maybe you will buy some while away?

It’s a Mediterranean holiday so of course, we’ve opted for weaves and tan leathers by day and some soft gold by night to dress up her evening clothes.

And lastly, we popped in a bright scarf for when she wants that extra oomph. Note: red is fab in winter but an equally-brilliant summer tone to accentuate your glowing skin.

KOORINGAL Felicity Fedora $44.95 @ Birdsnest // FRANKIE4 Maria Flat Sandal $149.95 @ Birdsnest // GREENWOOD DESIGNS Autumn Geometric Scarf $35.00 @ Birdsnest // EB & IVE Tepito Pouch Clutch Bag $19.95 @ Birdsnest // 2 DUCK TRADING Palm Straw Handbag $54.95 @ Birdsnest // GAMINS Fergan Leather Mule Flat $149.95 @ Birdsnest // KOMPANERO Birdie Leather Shoulder Bag $409.95 @ Birdsnest // EB & IVE Hacienda Peak Hat $19.95 @ Birdsnest


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