How the right brush can transform your hair

This next feature was born out of a recent switch of hairbrushes. We tried out the EVY Schima Crystal Paddle Brush (and changed nothing else in our routine) and haven’t had a bad hair day since. The shine and smoothness that this brush creates have meant a flood of compliments for zero extra effort. Nice!

Realising we all have different hair types and desired results, we asked a top-notch hairdresser how you can have happy hair days like us too. We’re pleased to hear that you don’t always have to spend big to get great locks or add any complicated steps.

Urban Chic Salon 

Are there any new keywords we should look out for when buying a brush?

I’m old school when it comes to brushes; a classic always wins for me! I
like boar bristle brushes, ceramic barrels, keywords to help find a brush that is suitable would be; shine enhancing, detangling, smoothing.

What are the best brushes for a sensitive scalp, thinning hair or psoriasis?

My favourite brush for all of these conditions is the Tangle Teezer range. This range has four different brushes available depending on the length of your hair and condition, and they can be used on both wet and dry hair.

My favourite from the Tangle Teezer range is the Original. It’s delicate on sensitive scalps because it has two heights in its bristles; ensuring it’s perfect for removing any build up of product or flaky scalp before shampooing. And amazing to detangle after conditioner, so no added stress to the hair and scalp occurs.

[Note from S.C.C: we can 100% vouch for Tangle Teezers! Use this and you will never snag your hair in a brush again]

Does quality always come with the cost or are there some good entry-level brushes?

Absolutely! Some of my favourite brushes are my least expensive but it really
does depend on what result you’re wanting to achieve.

For instance, for my short pixie haircuts, I use a small round brush with single bristles that retails for $14.95. For a big bouncy blow dry my go-to brush is a YS Park bristle brush retailing for over $100. This is why it’s always great to get advice from your hairdresser as they can recommend what brush is best for your hair type.


S.C.C recommend: Lady Jayne Professional Vent Brush $23.99

Amy recommends: Bio Ionic BlueWave Brush $45

Amy recommends: YS Park Carbon Tiger Hair Brush $95

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