No Sweat Knickers: say goodbye to dreaded thigh chaffing

Hands up if you prefer to wear shorts in the heat due to the inevitable leg chaffing you get when you wear dresses or skirts? Yep, us right here! Women of all shapes and sizes (yes, all sizes) have long dealt with this sticky problem so it’s about time we had a product that directly addressed the issue.

Enter, Bridgets. At first glance, they look like shapewear but rest assured, they’re different. A great deal of attention was paid in the production of the fabric to ensure they didn’t further irritate the very problem they were trying to solve: good old inner-thigh sweat. They’re only 7% spandex and 93% nylon with added moisture-wicking technology in all the right places that promise to keep you dry, fresh and most importantly, still comfortable. Smarty pants!

Thankfully the designers were wise enough to feature a flat, wide waistband. Otherwise, what would be the point of taking care of down below only to bake a muffin top above? So, although they’re not technically shapewear you can treat them like they are and wear them for a little extra smoothing over. Even the most flattering of wrap dresses or a slightly sheer skirt can show up your panty line or make you conscious of your tummy. Try out a pair of Bridgets underneath to work its double-barreled power on the visible panty line and stop the chaffing you’ve just put up with most of your life. No more girls!

Because they’re made to be very flexible (unlike traditional shapewear) there are only two sizes in their range which are designed to suit anyone from a size 10 to a 24. Take a close look at the size chart on their website and don’t be shy to buy online.  At only $35 a pop, we think they’re worth a crack. They’re likely to become such a regular in your wardrobe we think you’ll be back for seconds so you can keep them on high rotation.

Dust off the dress, ladies. Summer just got a whole lot easier.

For more information or to purchase click here, Bridgets.

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2 thoughts on “No Sweat Knickers: say goodbye to dreaded thigh chaffing”

  1. I suffered from chafing years ago and designed and made my own long legged undies from lingerie fabric …have also made several pair for a friend who also loves them.

    • Very clever Jayne! I suspected we had some creative women in this community. I am not so gifted, I’m afraid so always fork over the money.


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