Amanda Keller: How to wear a Pleated Skirt

We love that Amanda is wearing this look on The Living Room – the pleated skirt trend has grown even stronger for winter but frankly, they can be a little tricky to style. This outfit is a perfect representation of one of our favourite ways to style in general – by mixing sharp tailoring with flowing, feminine layers. And as pleated skirts tend to be quite the billowing show-stopper it’s a perfect way to settle your outfit for a more casual affair.

When it comes to footwear, statement bottoms like this patterned skirt always work well with the simplest of shoes but don’t be afraid to also try out a sneaker – just make sure it’s a classic, one-tone shoe (preferably white) to keep it chic.

Now, some like to tuck in their tops (and it looks fabulous) but we appreciate that it doesn’t suit everyone in the mid-area when you combine a tucked waist with bulky pleated fabric. So this is something you’re going to have to play around with yourself to see what best suits you. Some like to wear a long layer over top but to keep the look from swamping shorter frames, try out a loose top that is cropped at the waistband. It gives you a bit of the waist definition without having to tuck anything in.

Many pleated skirts that you will find at the shops have a metallic finish. The best fabric to pair with the shiny material? Wool. A cosy knit brings warmth to your look and is perfect for the winter months. The same applies to leather or silky skirts – team them with wool or even velvets for added richness. All other fabric, the choices are pretty endless!

We’ve dug out 9 fabulous looks from mature street style stars to show all the ways you can rock the pleated skirt trend. And a big thank Ms Keller for the weekly inspiration once again!

We’ve chosen to match Amanda’s skirt with this Ginger and Smart style. However, there are many similar at Gorman, Romance Was Born and Trelise Cooper if you’re after some variations. The blazer is from Next Direct $181
  1. This first look is great tucked in with the statement black waistband and really defines the waist. But if you’re not one to tuck… look to our next street style star…

2. Leave your shirt loose for a comfortable but chic day look. Pair with sandals that take care of your feet and you’ve got yourself one very stylish outfit for a day tour that ends with drinks at a local bar.

3. If you’re ever unsure about what to team with a grand skirt, then a simple tee is often the answer. The reliable basic looks fab juxtaposed to the leather and makes the look appropriate for day or night.

4. Ok, we are a broken record here, we’ll say it again- we love tonal dressing! Even better if you can find the perfect pairs – it’s much greater value than if you were to buy a dress. This look is an example of what we mean about a cropped, loose top that sits at the waistband too – there is still some waist definition but it’s better for those of us who don’t like to tuck.

5. Grey marle is the perfect antidote to a multi-coloured, busy skirt. But when you want to up the ante, we also love how it’s styled here with a red jacket that picks up on the same tone within the pattern.

6. Black on black is never boring when you go for on-trend cuts. Add a so-simple-it’s-cool knit with a statement pendant and you have what we call an understated statement. It shows laidback, minimalist styling confidence!!

7. God bless the sneaker trend! A sleek white sneaker gives a sporty edge to this dolled-up pink look. We love the loose curly hair-do and white shirt – such effortless style.

8. If the sporty look isn’t your vibe what about a rocker edge? Boots, cuff, wild hair and a slogan tee give a rock n roll touch to a glamorous skirt. We’ve chosen to match this look with a skirt that has an angled hem which can be more flattering than a straight cut.

9. If you’re looking to invest in a skirt that you can wear with almost all other tones then silver is your go-to colour. It looks just as fab with pastel as it does with these punchy red heels and great against black or white.

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