Your Bra Questions Answered with Triumph Expert Fitter, Paula.

Paula Svoboda, Triumph Lingerie Fitting Specialist

We here at Smart. Casual. Classic adore Paula – she has adds the perfect dose of kindness when she tells us just how wrong the size of our bra is! She is also someone who truly knows her business – your boobs and how they’re housed. That’s why we went to her to get the answers to your bra dilemmas. Because it’s important to get that first layer right, the foundation of every outfit so you can look and feel your best.


Is there one particular style of bra that is very popular for women 50+ and why is it a favourite?
The type of bra a woman chooses really boils down to personal preference. Often it will depend on their cup size and the level of support they’re looking for, which is why we always recommend a professional fitting, at every age. As women get older, changes in breast shape and size are not uncommon, which is why comfort tends to be what women look for in a bra most.
In general, women are searching for the ultimate comfort. They’re choosing wire-free with soft shapes and fabrics over structured bras with unnecessary straps and unbreathable materials, while g-strings are out and full briefs are in!

What if you are small-chested and would like some slight volume but hate the feel of a push-up bra –is there an appropriate style?
Again, this comes down to the correct fit. If your bra feels uncomfortable- push up or not – 9 times out of 10 it’s because it’s the wrong size. The only bra that will give you shape if you are flat chested is a push-up and it will do exactly what it states – push up what you have! A basic t-shirt will give you shape, but if you don’t fill the cup it will buckle at the top of the cup and that is why having that bit of push in a push-up bra will help. Try on a few different push-up styles and shapes to find which one feels most comfortable for you, and don’t be afraid to ask an in-store expert for help. The uncomfortable feeling associated with push-ups can often be put down to a wrong fitting bra that digs in all the wrong places, so it’s worth giving it a go in a correctly fitted size!

What is the best fabric for sensitive skin?
The best fabric for sensitive skin is pure cotton. Triumph has some beautiful bras with cotton lining, which are great for people with sensitive skin. However, you can’t get a bra with a cotton back as the back needs to have the elasticity to stretch around the diaphragm.
Best bra to blend comfort, style and support?
There is no best bra for comfort, style and support – solely because comfort and support come with wearing the right size for YOU! As a fitter of 17 years, I can say that no woman truly wears the right size, though a professional fitting will get you as close as possible. As for style, you can have any style you want, as the lingerie market has grown to cater to almost anything a lady could ask for! It’s all about choosing the right bra for you personally, the one that makes you feel sexy, confident, and supported.



Laurel Hennings: As I’m getting older, I ensure I find the right size but the clip at back always seem to get too tight and after wearing for a while, I release it. My friend said she found the same thing. I don’t seem to need a size up though?
I would say that you might need to go in for a professional fitting as, even though you think you are wearing the right size, it sounds like you might not be. The cup might be too small, which can make the back too tight as cups and backs work together. We work on a size conversation when we fit bras, so we go up in the back and down in the cup and vice-versa to get the right size and this could be a solution for you.


Daniele: I would like to know why bras for bigger women are not as pretty as those made for small women?
There are now so many lingerie brands that make pretty bras in significantly larger cup sizes – Elomi, Freya, Chantelle and Simone Perele to name a few. At Triumph, we have the Sheer Balconette Bra that goes up to a G cup and the Amourette Charm that goes up to an F! Next time you are in a department store please ask the staff and they can point you in the right direction, or head to a store that specialises in gorgeous bras in larger cup sizes, because beautiful bras exist for every shape and size.


Vivienne: When I come home, my bra the first thing I take off before my shoes. I’ve been wearing the same size since my late teens and I buy an extension. I was fitted once and found the straps were thick and ugly and sides were wide (to cover the overhang on the sides and back) but then summer was hot and annoying. Is there a slimline, supportive bra for me?
If you’ve been wearing the same size since your teens, I’d definitely recommend heading in for a professional fitting too. We all change throughout our lifetimes due to weight gain, weight loss, menopause, age… the list goes on! Wearing an extension on your bra is not helping at all as when a bra is made, it is made on a last of its size. When you put the extension on the back, it will distort the fit and how the back and cups work together. Bras with thick shoulder straps and wider backs come with the size of the bra, so if it’s an E cup it will be like this due to the need for support of the cup size. To put things in perspective, a D cup is 500g, meaning you’re carrying an extra 1kg on your chest that needs to be supported by the bra. If you are a B cup, the shoulder straps and back would not be as thick and wide. We all need support that matches our size! If you are a smaller cup and the bra your fitter puts you in isn’t a style that you love, let them know and they’ll try to find one that suits what you are looking for while still providing enough support.


Sonia: How should you wash and store them for best longevity? I always fold my bras in half and was told recently this was a no-no, but not sure why?
Hand washing bras is the ideal way to ensure they look fresh and are long-lasting. A wash bag is the next best thing because it is contained and doesn’t get knocked around too much in the washing machine. In my opinion, all bras can be folded in half – except your contour bras or push up bras as folding them can distort the cup. I clip the backs of mine and place them on top of each other in my draw!


Rochelle: I cannot stand underwire bras anymore due to heart issues. I have just bought two wire-free bras and if it’s too hot I wear a Lycra singlet under my clothes. Can you recommend the coolest wire-free bras?
There is no ‘coolest’ wire-free or wired bra, but any bra with a lace cup will be slightly cooler than a contour cup or full fabric cup. You might find some wire-free-luck with Triumph’s Body Make Up and sloggi ranges. I’d again recommend going in for a fitting, as you may also be wearing the wrong size and feeling the heat because your breasts are sitting too low.


Faye: I wear Triumph underwire bras, I always get fitted at Myer. My problem is the shoulder straps slip down, no matter how much I tighten them. What am I doing wrong here?
You’re not doing anything wrong, you might just need to be fitted again! It sounds to me like the diaphragm of the bra is too big, allowing the straps to slip off your shoulder as it has nothing to hold on to. Let’s say you’re wearing a 16 back, but you’re actually a 12 – your bra is too wide across and that’s why the straps fall off your shoulders! Come in for a fitting and we can help alleviate this problem that many women have. Always be honest with your fitter and make sure they know all the issues you’re currently experiencing, you aren’t alone in any of this!

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