Specsavers Stylish New Autumn/Winter range: Your exclusive Preview

We are very excited to share with you the upcoming releases soon to be available at your local Specsavers store. We had a great time learning about the new style directions across the Specsavers in-house brand as well as their famous collaborations with Kylie Minogue, DKNY, Alex Perry and more. We were treated to a personal run-through of the new styles from one of the designers herself, Yvy Nguyen who created one of our favourite pairs pictured below!

Yvy created this stunning moss-coloured range – so beautiful against all skin tones.

Translucent frames are still very much on-trend but you can expect some updated shapes plus soft tones added into the colour ranges. Pinks and greys are big and we quite fancied some of the styles with the inner metal exposed in the arms as an elevated design feature.

Greys and deep pinks in the translucent styles
Deeper translucent tones plus fashionable grey

Greys are across both the men and women’s range however don’t forget that glasses are very unisex. Don’t be shy to try out the more traditionally masculine ranges if that is what suits you. Glasses are the most personal choice, you may love a style on someone else but it has to feel right on you so experiment!

Expect a new (sometimes literal) twist on traditional metals because minimalist glasses don’t have to spell boring. Attention has been paid to the finest of details like tortoiseshell arm covers, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cat-eye features and new takes on the rose gold trends.

Subtle tones in metal and double frame features are the little details that make them special.
This hexagon shape in a deep frame is a statement in itself and classic horn-rimmed styles are always in vogue.
The trend towards delicate frames remains strong!
The devil is in the details and these understated twist arms and double frames are just the features to lift your glasses from basic to interesting.

Find your local Specsavers to try one of the 200 new styles yourself that will be dropping over Autumn/Winter. All at their much-loved entry price from $199 for two pairs.

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