A Classic and Mature Makeover for 2 Deserving Women

We had the privilege to cover a recent makeover shoot organised by the generous owners of Doing Curves in Style and Linen with Luv that we are sharing with you today. Two lucky winners, Margaret and Renee enjoyed the full pamper treatment thanks to a team of talented folk in Londonderry, NSW and got to walk away with new wardrobes to top it all off. Lucky indeed!

The creative brains behind these fab transformations are:

The day began as all days should, with bubbles and nibbles! Margaret, who has recently undergone chemo for breast cancer actually nominated a friend who was unable to attend due to her own health limitations. It was then that Jan suggested that perhaps Margaret was just as deserving and she took up the prize. Margaret admits that she was a little bit anxious about the day, given that she hasn’t worn any makeup at all in years but says she is keen to branch out. Margaret has a long-awaited cruise coming up and is open to some new styles to take away with her and looking forward to seeing the style suggestions.

Lovely Margaret who is the first of our makeover winners.

Our 2nd lovely makeover winner, Renee says that she would like to have a shakeup, not to look younger, just different. Renee is a teacher and says she is always looking for comfort, affordability and some stylishness would be nice too. Renee isn’t usually a dress wearer but is open to the stylish guidance of Jan and Leenane. Renee was suggested by a friend for the competition also and is already taking inspiration from Jan and her “splash of colour” approach to fashion.

And lovely Renee ready to be made over.

Hairdresser, Anna has chosen a soft blonde to compliment Margaret’s skin tone as too dark and it will be harsh. The varying shades in the highlights give the hair texture and create a natural warmth and movement to Margaret’s short hair creating a fuller appearance.

For Renee, Anna has added some reds into the locks to soften her face and break up the dark block colour of the original dye. Anna has cut some light layers around Renee’s face and the back for some clever trickery in disguising hair thinning.

Renee and Margaret deep in the pamper zone

When Monica got started on makeup for Margaret she chose a lightweight foundation to even out the skin tone and to give some coverage. Next, she applied neutral colours for eyes and steered away from eyeliners otherwise it would have closed her eyes. Lastly, Monica applied individual lashes from mid-eye outward to lift her eyes.

Renee’s makeup included the application of a creamy foundation to hydrate and give some coverage, but Monica advises to always remember that less is best. To make her eyes bigger Monica used a nice brown eyeshadow on the corners of her eye and blended well to elongate them, also a soft brown eyeliner only on top. To enhance Renee’s cheekbones Monica gave her some blush and contoured around her cheekbones.

Mon from Mon’s Beauty Parlour doing what she does best
The fine details matter… nails!
Jan and Renee talking style and always having a laugh
Walking down memory lane with Renee

Next, the style-masters, Jan and Leeanne’s magic was put to work and the results are some happy customers, or should we say, winners who got to take their looks home with them too!

Jan says “With Rene’s change of hair colour and soft makeup I decided to go with a navy theme as it would make her skin, hair and eyes pop. I chose the navy and white circle dress as it is a style that will take her from a BBQ to dinner with a change of shoes and jewellery.”

Renee in Doing Curves in Style dress
Yes, there were some catwalk moves!
Margaret grinning with her results

“We loved this white linen top and navy pants with the pop of turquoise jewellery – we knew it would look fabulous on her! As Margaret is quite short the pants were rolled up to give her a stylish ‘up to the minute’ look” – Jan

Margarets fabulous pant look

“Renee’s shirt and pants were a last minute thought as Renee had seen one of the shirts I had brought with me which was cream and black. I knew it wasn’t going to suit her with her new look. I picked the white and dusty pink striped shirt as it had a fine navy stripe through it too. I then added some navy pants and rose gold sneakers to finish the outfit off”- Jan

Renee’s casual cool vibe

‘This navy dress on Margaret is from Linen with Luv and we knew it would make her hair and eyes stand out”- Jan

Leeanne and Margaret wearing Linen with Luv
Moments of reflection
Yes, we did happy dances!

“With Margaret’s new blonde look, and her telling me she was about to go on her first cruise, I decided she needed some clothes that she could feel at ease in. And this black and silver batwing dress would be perfect to wear on the cruise for a formal dinner” – Jan

Black is always right
Colour pop with tonal beads, always a winning combo!
Perfect makeup by Mon to enhance, but not overwhelm Renee’s features.

“The plan navy dress came from Linen with Luv and was picked because of the colour, style and neckline. We knew it would suit Renee perfectly”  – Jan

Leeanne from Linen with Luv and Renee rocking their beautiful blues.

We think Margaret and Renee look fantastic but best of all, they told us they felt that way.

If you like any of the styles used in the makeover you can find them at Doing Curves in Style and Linen with Luv.

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