Amanda Keller: Get The Look & The Best Bold Brands

It’s a big welcome back to Amanda and the team for the 2019 season of The Living Room! If you’re new to our site then you may not know that each Friday, we match what Amanda is wearing. This came about as the hosts’ outfits regularly caught our eye and had us frantically googling where we could find similar styles. Amanda is adventurous with her fashion, keeping us interested, but always chooses very wearable styles. This balance made her the perfect subject for our regular Get the Look feature.

Each week, we do our best to find the exact match and will often also feature similar styles at varying prices or develop the story into a trend feature. All in all its a fun Friday post for us to connect over a good night in and appreciate some fashion. And boy, do we appreciate tonights look! We often find Amanda in her trademark black pants (don’t we all rely on those favourites) and tonight it’s pumped up with a beautiful, bold printed blouse from Ginger & Smart. So, we’ve matched her top and also provided a short list of our favourite brands of similar, colourful aesthetics. We hope you enjoy tonights return to the tele and our accompanying features. Cheers! x

Amanda wears Ginger & Smart blouse $449

Love bold and colourful prints? Here are some of our favourite brands that bring the brights!

Doop Designs – a small Australian label from Northern NSW that put the fun in fashion, we love every single one of their playful prints. Owner, Jane is an illustrator so all of these fabulous prints are her own designs that she screen prints. They also cut a little oversized so you can remain comfortable while fashionable and bright. The result? An energetic, positive and playful style. Just perfect.

Some of the brilliant styles at Doop Designs

Gorman – This Aussie powerhouse has been packing the colour punches for 20 years now! Designer, Lisa’s creative flair making it a constant standout amongst the turnstile of black and white regularly seen in the Australian fashion scene. Truly a label for all ages, Gorman has flattering shapes and an impressive size range. Gorman has long been our go-to special birthday gift voucher for the colour-lovers in our lives and it won’t be changing any time soon!

Just some of the delights from Gorman

Uniqlo – you won’t always find patterns at Uniqlo (unless they’re special collaborations like the recent line with Finnish brand, Marimekko) but what you will find is a lot of colour options. The same knit will be available in 5 tones and the shopping experience provides plenty of options for those who love to colour block. The quality of their garments, particularly their puffa jackets is next to none, and at their price point they’re irresistable. Definitely keep these guys in mind when you’re looking to inject some colour into your winter wardrobe.

Colour play at Uniqlo


And last but not least, Tasmanian brand, Seagrass is producing bold prints like it’s no one’s business (but theirs). Designed and made in the apple isle, they have their own store in Launceston and you can find their national stockists here or shop online. They have a very sweet children’s range too, perfect for gifting plus a men’s range!

The sweets from Seagrass

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