An unexpected autumn colour trend: Lilac

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Each year, when the leaves begin to fall from the trees we see the usual deep reds, greens and navy tones come into stores. But we’ve spied something a little different this season, it’s lilac and we like it. This pretty tone is a welcome addition to our wardrobes as we think it does wonders for mature skin and particularly works well for grey-haired ladies! See our selection and tips on how to wear the hue here.

  • Look for rich fabrics like velvets, knits and wool that texturise the tone and avoid cold fabrics like polyester that make it feel cold and flat.
  • Accentuate with gold or rose gold accessories to amplify the luxurious, plush nature of lilac.
  • Colour blocking with rich reds always works but when in doubt, add a grey, it’s a failsafe. Also opt for warm, heavily-textured greys to keep the cosy vibe.
  • You may be concerned about feeling a little washed out by this tone, just remember to wear it with a soft blush on your cheeks. A creamy, soft pink will do the trick perfectly. We personally love Rageism Creme Blush. It’s formulated specifically for mature skin and is a lovely subtle touch.


  1. Wondering what to wear with purple? Style Queen Julianne Moore goes for more purple! Doesn’t this looks amazing with her vibrant red hair?
Juliane Moore image via Pinterest

Next Direct jumper $38 // Uniqlo pants $29.90

2. Like all trends, if you want to dip your toe in the water than try it out in accessories rather than a full clothing item.

Top scarf: John Henley $40 @ Skellig // Bottom scarf: Big W $12 // Right scarf: St Albans mohair $75 

3. If you love colour then add another eye-catching tone like a red cardigan. You won’t get far out of the house before your first compliment!

Model image via Pinterest

Target v-neck lilac tshirt $15 // Rockmans red cardigan $39.99

4. A coat is an investment and we think lilac can hold it’s own amongst most winter wardrobes just as well as a grey coat can. It will certainly brighten a dreary day.

Model image on left via Pinterest

Review faux fur collared coat $349.99 // RAINS overcoat $229.99 @ The Iconic

5. We love to dress simply and go for classic cuts but it’s the little details like this waist tie that keeps it from being boring.

Model image via Pinterest

Tussah waist tie knit $69.95 at The Iconic

6. We often find ourselves in tanks during autumn more than summer as they sit so well under our favourite cardigan. We love the way this model has picked up in the purple detail of her cardigan and matched it with a tonal tank.

Model image via Pinterest

Best and Less tank $3 

7. Evidence in a picture that lilac and grey look amazing together! This outfit is heading into cooler territory but it’s kept fresh with a pair of white jeans and pale boots.

Model image via Pinterest

Top knit: Vero Moda $69.95 @ Myer // Bottom knit: Black Pepper $99.99 // Right knit: Big W $15

8. There is nothing more effortlessly sexy thank a woman in a button-up shirt. Find your favourite cut and buy several colours, we say. A shirt can carry you through different levels of dress with ease and classic grace.

Model image on left via Pinterest

Left: RB Sellers shirt $45 // Right: T.M Lewin shirt $89.95

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