Amanda Keller: Get the Houndstooth Look for less

Houndstooth may have come in and out of fashion over the years but it has always remained in style. Amanda’s Carla Zampatti ensemble from this evenings episode of The Living Room is beautiful and as Carla is a local designer, we’d expect to see her clothes on Australian TV screens.

This monochrome graphic print lends a touch of sophistication to any outfit but a high-end look doesn’t have to come with an equally high budget and we’ve got the look for less. This lovely drape-style wrap blouse is a very popular cut and we’ve found one of the most affordable versions from Target below. And it doesn’t take much internet browsing to find some houndstooth-printed trousers. With pants, it all comes down to your desired cut. If you are fortunate enough to find a perfect style for your shape, we always encourage spending what you can afford to buy them. You can get more mileage out of quality bottoms than tops so it’s worth an investment at times.

Carla Zampatti pants $499 // Carla Zampatti wrap blouse $499

Shein pants $17.95 // Target wrap blouse $35

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  1. Yes Amanda looked good as usual tonight but that is a lot of money and your Target version looks just as fabulous and affordable. Well done Smart Casual Classic 👍


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