Amanda Keller: Black and Gold

We can’t resist a bit of sparkle! Amanda’s shimmery number on The Living Room looked a treat and got us thinking about the combination of black and gold and what they can do for each other. For some women, black becomes less of an old faithful as it can be a little draining around the face for some. But add some gold to that and it gives the dark tone a completely new direction. The reflective nature puts the light back into the skin and returns the warmth that black can drain away. We think it’s just as effective as great lippy! Besides all of the complexion benefits, black and gold just look fab! There is a reason why so many high-end designers continue to offer black and gold looks each season and that is because it’s timeless. We’ve found Amanda’s gorgeous mesh-like top, earrings and boots and included some more inspiring ways to wear the pair. As you can see, you can look for black and gold already within a garment or take the versatile path of just adding gold jewellery or scarves. We do think it’s worth making them statement pieces to really pop against the back. Thanks for following, ladies!

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