Street Style: Keeping it Casual at Rodney Clark

We had a great time at a Rodney Clark styling event today (more on that to come!) but couldn’t resist asking store manager, Jane for a street style pic thanks to her beautiful casual autumn look. There is something about the confidence to pair a chic outfit with sneakers that we love. It’s all about clean, crisp, white sneakers. Don’t think you can just throw on dirty old runners. The sneaker is a fashion statement in itself, then comes the practicality of comfort but it’s never really a fitness shoe.
Jane is wearing all Rodney Clark and adidas shoes and says…

“Being on my feet all day my style is all about comfort and easy-wear. This top doesn’t need ironing plus I just got it wet in the rain and it dried totally crinkle-free. I love these greens and earthy tones and I am very happy we’ve got so much of these colours in store this season.

I do wear sneakers quite a bit as I need to look after my feet because they’re causing me trouble. So I am certainly glad the sneaker trend is in!”

All clothing Rodney Clark with adidas trainers.

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