Happy 66th Birthday, Vivienne! Thanks for making baby boomer fashion look so good.

Today we celebrate the 66th birthday of someone who has helped us out a lot with the launch of this site, Vivienne. We convinced Vivienne to try out some modelling for us when we first had the idea for this baby boomer fashion website. Thankfully she said yes and we’ve been bossing her around ever since. We’ve changed Vivienne more times than a newborn baby and she did it all with a smile and a pose.

We wanted to say a huge thanks to Vivienne for having a go at modelling all of these clothes for us and a big happy birthday! Turning 66 (clickety click) and no sign of slowing down in sight.

Below are our shoots with Vivienne since we began. Click the link below each image to see the full feature and clothing credits.

White Pants Four Ways with Sportscraft


One Stop ShopYarra Trail 

Bright Buys @ The Salvation Army 

Snuggly Savers at The Salvation Army 


Styles from The Old New




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